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---> About: Born 1973, October, the 9th in Pisa / Italy

---> Voice: ~ Metal meets Opera - simply wonderful ~

---> Official Homepage: www.fabio-lione.com
---> Official Forum: www.fabio-lione.com/board/index.php
---> Fabio Lione @Myspace: www.myspace.com/fabiolione

---> Official Rhapsody-Homepage: www.mightyrhapsody.com
---> Official Rhapsody-Forum: www.epicrhapsody.com

---> Official Vision Divine-Homepage: www.visiondivine.com

---> Projects: Since the 90's Fabio Lione is successful
as a Leadsinger of many bands, so as Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision
Divine, earlier: Athena, Labyrinth...

---> Actual Projects: Rhapsody Of Fire, re-joining Vision Divine in May 2008

---> He also made excursions in doing Dance-Music:

---> His biggest success sure is the band "Rhapsody".
Guitarist Luca Turilli writes wonderful fanatasy-sagas
for the band and composes together with Alex Staropoli
a even musical-like event full of fantastic worlds with
unicorns, brave knights and - of course - bad demons ;-)
For me it sounds a bit like "Lord Of The Rings" goes
Metal aka Italy. :-)

The band already was playing gigs all around the
world, in june 2005 they played a successful tour in America. They also visited f.e. South America for shows earlier.
"Gloria Perpetua"...

In 2004 the band "Rhapsody" could win popular actor
Christopher Lee ("Dracula", "Lord Of The Rings") as a
narrator for their new CD. He also sings together with
Rhapsody their song "The Magic Of The Wizards Dream".
The single reaches TOP-Chart-Positions in many countries
and is available in 4 languages (english, german, italian
and french - all on one CD). Every version has it's own

If you're interested in a german press article about
Rhapsody feat. Christopher Lee, click here.
German to english translation: click here.

Song-tipps - in my opinion - among many others:
(---> Menu: "Listening")
Il Canto Del Vento
Silent Dream
The Magic Of The Wizards Dream
Son Of Pain
Wings Of Destiny
Lamento Eroico
Guardiani Del Destino
Unholy Warcry
Last Dramatic Angels Call
Old Age Of Wonders
Autumn Twilight
Land Of Immortals
Echoes Of Tragedy
Where dragons fly
Not too far (Athena)
Miles Away (Labyrinth)
and many more... to many to mention ;-)

For more informations about Fabio and Rhapsody please
check out the links, there are wonderful official sites and
fantastic fan-sites too!

On my fan-site I will concentrate on making graphical
designs, so as desktops, drawings and more. The
Copyrights of the used photos: Rhapsody, the management
or the photographers. My site is just private - no commercial interests.

Apart from the great music of Rhapsody Of Fire there are a few other points because I like Fabio. First he is a very nice warmhearted person, his heart shines through his mails, messages etc....

And there is something more: I have fantasy-stories with
knights and unicorns on my mind as long as I can think...
I always dreamt of castles, brave knights and the medieval
life, sometimes I write those stories down too. The shadow
of the hero in my stories always had the same silhouette and
now he has a face too ;-) 

"My" knight *always" looked like Fabio Lione.

Responsible for the content of this fan-site:

Anita Spielvogel
Hirschberger Str. 2
D-84478 Waldkraiburg

Copyrights of the used photos: Rhapsody
Of Fire, Fabio Lione,
or management / photographers. Please email me, if you
don't wish your photo is used here. But please - think about
that: Its not commercial!! It's just my appreciation for the
band. I have no "bad" interests...