Zweigleiche Zweigleiche

Double Trouble - against the clock!

You have to find two same photo-cards so fast as possible and with so less clicks as possible! So that it becomes more difficult at the beginning are just a few of all cards all "lying on your table".

When you find a couple, two of the remaining cards follow immediately!

The game has 10 Levels, the difference in the levels is in the amount of the cards, less and lesser time and click-defaults. I hope you understand ;-) not easy to explain such things in another language than your mother language, hehe... I just translated this first site, because this game is webbased by my provider and I'm sorry, I could not change all settings... In the screen after this you have to click the "Spiel starten"-Button left side! You need Flash-Plugin to play this game!
(Hint: sometimes the script makes problems.. then refresh your browser and it works normally!)

Level 6 and higher: You can add your name to the highscore-list!!!

Lots of fun and success while playing!!

Game start - Spiel starten